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Cleaning Chopsticks (25) Pc-buds Plastic PC-buds plastic

Cleaning Chopsticks (25) Pc-buds Plastic PC-buds plastic

€ 6,47 
Referentie: APCB025
Minimum Bestelhoeveelheid: 1

Uitgebreide beschrijving


Do you ever struggle to get to those hard to reach areas when cleaning? PC Buds are a plastic spatula tipped with a wide flexible foam head for cleaning keyboards, slots and many more. Abrasion resistant material ensures the foam can be used on many surfaces for thorough cleaning. Use with AF Foamclene anti-static foam cleaner to remove ingrained dust and dirt.


  • Keyboards
  • Slots
  • Hard to reach areas
  • Delicate equipment
  • Cameras
  • Audio visual
  • Gaming